To Blog Or Not To Blog

Is that the question?  Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer the ennui of somnambulism or to take up laptop against a sea of  “I don’t give a fuck,” and “who cares?” and by opposing them end them.  To write–to blog–some more–again . . .

Buster as Hamlet 1930

Okay.  That’s enough.  Not particularly original I grant you, but apt.

I began this blog as a fun thing, and it quickly became a grind thing.  That is, I didn’t just write quick little pieces with my thoughts on a film I’d just watched, or about some movie themed news, or about some other current cultural event, or some bee in my bonnet–well I did some of that–but I spent too much time trying to write some kind of complete essay.  I spent too much time trying to make it perfect.  It’s a blog, not a term paper, or an article for the “The New Yorker.”  Sheesh.  Just write the damned thing and move on.


I was taking too much time and effort for very little production and satisfaction.  So I took a hiatus.  Until I checked back in, I did not realize how long a hiatus it was–almost three years, it was.  I began at least a couple of dozen drafts that were never finished or published.  I never actually finished and published anything.  Until now.

You can stop with the applause.  After all: What is the sound of one hand clapping?

So I guess that I am going to try again.

“Ever tried.  Ever failed.  No matter.  Try Again.  Fail again.  Fail better.”
–Samuel Beckett

I have reached over 250 words.  So.

We shall see.

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