All Hail, Georgia, Hale That Is


Happy maybe-birthday Georgia Hale (June 24, 1905 (disputed?) – June 7, 1985)

“She played the lead role in Chaplin’s Gold Rush. Now Chaplin – like most all men of great talent – has no patience with people who have the urge without the gift. A bad player will throw him into a mood that may last for days. Georgia’s work made him happy. I am writing this before the picture is shown. My prediction – a very great actress is walking down the road of time. She has poise and controlled fire, dignity without affectation and demeanor that must be born with the individual. I think she is one of the greatest actresses on the screen, and Chaplin thinks so too. He has signed a contract with her, and it is one of the very smartest things this terrific little vagabond has ever done.”

Photoplay magazine, August 1925

(Georgia appeared on the cover of Photoplay only a few months later)

Georgia Hale was truly luminous in The Gold Rush. Probably my favorite of Charlie’s leading ladies—along with Edna Purviance of course. This photo does not come close to portraying just how beautiful Georgia Hale was.

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