It is now October . . .

My favorite month, October, when fall arrives, the leaves turn, jackets come out of closets and my birthday arrives. My birthday non withstanding, it really is a special month. October is rather like the dividing month between to green of summer and the gray of winter. Things change.

My postings to this blog have been quite infrequent of late. I have started a number of entries only to let them languish is draft purgatory. They have grown as cold as yesterday’s oatmeal, so I deleted them (well most of them.)

I started this blog to try to force myself to write–something, anything. Since movies have been my continuing passion since childhood, writing about film seemed a natural. But writing, even a simple email, often becomes a process that involves over-thinking and second guessing everything. My old writing teacher diagnosed that 30 years ago. Old Pierre urged me to just write and worry about correcting and editing later. Well in this day of instant communications can be somewhat problematic. But his point is still well taken. So hence this entry.

Writing is important to me in that it is really the only outlet of self expression that I have. I won’t say that it doesn’t matter if anybody reads it or not; but I can’t worry about whether anybody reads my writing or not.

This feels all rather masturbatory–but so be it. Blogging is sort of an ego thing after all. Anyway, look for a least weekly reports of film watching/appreciation. If you like it, thanks–if not, that’s okay too.

Cheers all.