Me and This Blog.

The idea of this blog, if there is a real idea, is just for me to riff on movies.  Whether it be a simple posting of a photo, an attempt to critique or examine a film, a style, a trend or whatever my mind leads me into in regards to movies, film, cinema.  There is no end game. Just me and whatever I decide to post about.

I am not a professional critic.  I am not an expert on film or  on film history.  I have studied film & film history, but I am no expert.  I am not an expert on anything, in any way, shape or form.  Whenever I begin to think I do know something, someone shows me that I do not.

I have my beliefs, but I want this to be a non-partisan place where I can talk about one of the loves of my life–movies. I will not shy away from expressing my beliefs if asked, but that is not the purpose of this blog.

So, if anybody reads these words and has any questions about my thoughts on movies/film/cinema they wish to ask or a related topic they wish to discuss–I’m all for it.  Just remember, I only know what I know.

I am a resident of a relatively large mid-western city (namely, Kansas City, Missouri, not Kansas) and have over a half-century on this planet.

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